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The Omega started to move about an hour before dawn. Drak got the group up and they started moving, following the guidance of the Omega high above them. AS they walked, Thalia was sure to keep a close eye on Logan; making sure he didn’t try to get away.
At around noon, it began to get hotter. The sun baked down on the earth, surrounding the travelers as they walked on and on. The lush, green landscape surrounding them began to look more like a barren landscape with no end. All Thalia could think about was how cool it was up on the Omega, so high up in the air.
As the group slowly made their way across the grassland, Ty raised an eyebrow at Jason. “Aren’t you hot in that?” He asked, eyeing his helmet.
“You could say that…” Jason replied weakly.
“You should take off your helmet before you overheat.” Logan said.
Jason shook his head stubbornly. “I’ll be fine.” Ty obviously wasn’t convinced, but he said nothing.
Up ahead of the group, Star scouted the area ahead from above. She looked around, scanning the land as it came into view. She sighed and flew down to the surface, folding her wings into he back once again as she landed solidly on both feet. She turned and jobbed back the way she’d come until she met with the rest of the group.
“No sign of anything interesting.” Star said. “No water, no sign of the base, nothing. Nothing but us, the grassland, and the Omega. But, just out of our current eyesight to the west is some dense woodland. I couldn’t see through to the undergrowth from above due to the heavy tree-cover, but I’m willing to bet that if we looked, we’d find at least a little water.”
“So what’s our game plan?” Logan asked.
“YOU have no part in this conversation.” Thalia said.
“I have just as much of a right to live as you do.” Logan replied stubbornly.
“We’re not trying to figure out a way to survive right now, we’re trying to figure out the best way to follow the Omega. And if it weren’t for you, none of us would be in this mess.” Thalia said. “Surviving isn’t a problem as of yet, but it might be if we don’t find some water.”
“Okay, stop fighting!” Star said. “If Drak and I can do it, so can you!”
“Lady Drakonia.” Drak muttered under her breath. She hadn’t expected anyone to hear her, but Star did and looked up at her.
“What was that?”
“Oh nothing…” Drak said.
“I thought we were past that.” Star growled.
Drak’s temper began to rise. “Well, you thought wrong!” She shouted. “We are enemies, Star, and we always will be!”
“Stop! We’re trying to work together, remember?” Thalia said. Drak and Star didn’t pay any attention.
“Who are you to keep them from talking this out?” Logan challenged. “This is between them!”
“You call THIS talking things out?” Thalia asked angrily. “If I leave this to them, they’ll rip each other to shreds! You don’t know them like I do, Logan. If you’d been at the base when they were literally trying to kill each other, you would agree with me.”
“Yeah, well I WASN’T there, so I say you should let them be!” Logan protested.
“If you can’t focus on the mission, then maybe you should just go home!” Star shouted, abandoning her calm composure.
“I’m just as necessary as you.” Drak replied darkly. “Maybe even more.”
“Just because you’re a Skylord doesn’t mean you know everything!”
“I DON’T know everything! But one thing I DO know is that pirates are notorious for having bad judgment!”
“That is the most stereotypical thing I have ever heard!”
“Hang on, can you guys even hear yourselves?” Ty said, raising his voice over theirs. None of them paid any attention. “This is the heat talking, now come on! We need to keep moving and find some water!” Still no acknowledgement from any of the bickering Minecraftians.
Ty breathed a frustrated sigh. “Jason, what do I do…? They won’t listen!” Jason didn’t respond either. “Jason?”
Ty looked at Jason just in time to see him fall. Ty gasped and caught him, laying him down on the grass. Ty’s eyes narrowed. Maybe it was the heat, but shadows of his old temper were returning to him. He placed his thumb and for finger in his mouth and blew hard. A sharp, loud whistle pierced the air.
“STOP!” Ty shouted.
The others stopped fighting immediately. Drak stared at Ty in shock. She’d known Deadlox for a long time, but she had never heard him raise his voice like that. None of them had.
Not even Jason.
“We need to stop fighting like kindergartners and start WORKING TOGETHER! Now, what we have to do is find some water in those woods, because if we don’t, Jason is going to die!”
“But we still have to follow the Omega if we want to save this guy.” Logan pointed out.
“We?” Thalia prompted.
“Stop fighting!” Ty snapped. “Star, you keep flying with the Omega. Find out where the base is and come back to get us in the woods.” Star nodded and flew off after the Omega without a word. However, she cast a glare in Drak’s direction before taking off. “Thalia, keep an eye on Logan. Make sure he doesn’t try to pull something on us. Drak, I need your help with Jason.”
Drak nodded and knelt next to Jason on the grass, wrapping one of his arms around her neck. Ty knelt on the opposite side of him and did the same with his other arm. Together, they stood up, using their combined strength to take Jason with them.
“You can whistle really LOUD…” Jason said, his voice slurred.
“I know, buddy.” Ty replied, his tone almost sympathetic. He turned to Thalia and Logan and his stern expression returned. “Let’s get moving.”
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Hope you guys liked this chapter! :D
More coming soon!


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